• Effective non-invasive resurfacing option
  • Stimulates production of collagen and elastine
  • Ultimately minimizes acne scars, break-outs, blackheads
  • Diminishes hyper-pigmentation
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Immediate improvement in skin texture
  • Good alternative to peels
  • Excellent results with Light or Oxygen Smoothie
  • Body M-D also available
M-D WITH ANTI-OXIDANT MASK cleanse • exfoliating mask (optional) • M-D • mask • moisturizer • SPF
M-D helps to remove the top layer of the skin which not only enables moisturizing creams and lotions to penetrate deeper, but also helps remove minor visible imperfections on the surface of the skin. (Please note: extractions are not included in this treatment)
  • 30 minutes: $110
  • For better results add:
    neck & décolleté: $45
    Oxygen Smoothie: $35

cleanse • exfoliation • massage • steam • extractions • M-D • nourishing mask • moisturizer • SPF
Everything you need all in one treatment! This rejuvenating and relaxing facial treatment not only includes removing dead skin with M-D but also includes pore cleansing extractions and our signature blissful face, neck and décolletage massage that is perfect for maintaining healthy, vibrant skin.
  • 50 minutes: $165
  • For better results add:
    LED light therapy: $55

cleanse • exfoliating mask (optional) • Micro-Dermabrasion • LED Light Therapy and Derma-Kinetics infusion • moisturizer • SPF


cleanse • exfoliating mask (optional) • Micro-Dermabrasion • LED Light Therapy • oxygen smoothie • moisturizer • SPF
Ready, set, glow! Transform your skin from dull, dry and aging to tighter looking, plumper, smooth and radiant skin in instant!

Micro-Dermabrasion removes visible imperfections on the top layer of your skin while LED light therapy helps reduce redness, dehydration and aids in the formation of healthy new cells.

Derma-Kinetics uses a pulsed light to push specialized, medical grade cosmeceuticals into the deeper layers of your skin without making any punctures to the skin as a pathway. This process allows products that are high performance, yet as natural as possible, to work their magic deeper into your skin.
  • 70 minutes: $260 with Derma-Kinetics Infusion

  • 70 minutes: $200 with LED therapy and oxygen smoothie

  • 30% off when you purchase a package of 10 sessions.