Spray Tan

Spray tan
  • Natural & organic paraben-free spray tanning creates a "just off the beach" color for any skin type
  • An innovative way to get the best UV Free Sunless tan just in 15 min
  • Why risk skin cancer when you can get the same effect with just a simple visit to our salon?

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Spray tan prep and care
Airbrush tanning is the process of spraying an ultra-fine mist onto your skin
"Tahitian Tan" is the most fabulous spray tanning solution in the world and provides an ideal tan for all skin types. The mahogany color guide offers immediate, beach-beautiful color! Fast drying, non-sticky, cucumber-melon scent, paraben-free.
  • Full body: $40
  • Package of 3: $99
  • Face only: $15
  • Legs only: $20
Add a little sparkle to your spray tan with Liquid Gold Shimmer Drops! This solution additive is cosmetic and will wash off with the first shower.
  • Spray tan add-on: $5